Captains Log…


Welcome all to my blog!

If this were 3 weeks ago then my first blog post (ever!) would be of a more uplifting and happier nature but unfortunately situations have drastically changed since.

My mother suddenly woke me from deep sleep on Sunday 21st June 2009 (Father day and the Longest Day of the year) with words I had always dreamt I would never hear.

“It’s Dad…he’s not breathing!” she yelled. I leapt out of bed to check and sure enough Dad had departed this world.  He suffered a heart attack in his sleep during the early hours of the morning but looked suprisingly calm and at ease in his final state and even managed to put in a smile! The initial shock and unexpected nature left me with a bag of emotions and the days and weeks that followed made me realise just how unprepared we are in death and what little we really know in life.

It was an emotionally charged event and the circumstances surrounding the sudden loss left me feeling some what lost and confused yet also gave birth to another new emotion I can’t really explain. My father was well respected within the Indian community as well as with the locals and more within the family who were as shocked as we were. This however was not easy or comforting at times as you find yourself repeating the events of that day over and over until it’s etched in your brain! I loved to have the family round and must especially thank my cousins, uncles and aunts for all the support, help and unconditioned love we received during the hardest days of our lives. To all my friends and loved ones, thank you for all your love and condolences.

The sudden loss really put many things into perspective in my life and further proved to me that nothing lasts forever but has picked me up in a way where I don’t want to waste my life complaining about a job I don’t like or a manager that’s ruined my day, blah blah blah.. It’s given me a stronger shield to battle through life and a focus I never had 3 weeks ago.

The day of my father’s funeral I found out that they had also pronounced Michael Jackson dead. Another shock and something I honestly thought I would never see in my lifetime.  Both men had been great influences for me and all I can say is I miss you and may your souls be happy in the afterlife and may they rest in peace.

Love You Dad.


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