V Day


Had an amazing night on Friday at The Gallery for Marco’s Launch for Propaganda V2. Had a great time and I’m sure everyone else in there was buzzing of the vibes! Amazing costumes, though not as many as I expected, beautiful ladies, banging tunes and just a real good vibe, no attitude, just good vibes! Rolling around in the VIP was an obvious bonus, still having visions of peering through 3 small windows from comfy couches above with the smoke elevating and a sea of bodies, lasers and lights moving on the main dance floor below. Big shout out to everyone at GetIn PR especially Kat and thanks to Lizzie for sorting things out at the door.

Was quite shocked when I saw the CD cover (below) which shows my work on the front and has a very ‘comic’ theme to the entire package! Was very happy again with the presentation and the comic on the inside which has come out perfect so must thank the designers on Marco’s end too. Seeing the hard work which went into it and the crazy nights and hours of pencilling, Wacoming, conceptualising and putting the whole thing together and holding that in my hands was what really quite special and made my night!

Big ups to Tina, Rupz, Dev and Cal for a great night out and funny toilet moments I’ll never forget!

Propaganda V2






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