Decode Exhibition


I was invited to a pre-release of a new digital and interactive design and art exhibition at the V&A yesterday afternoon, Decode: Digital Design Sensations. I didn’t really know what to expect, which was great, as I was blown away by the art pieces on display…and YES it’s definitely art! Maybe not what you’d usually expect but there’s a lot here for the everyone really, and I’d advise anyone looking for something different to check it out! Fun for kids and adults alike and a real inspiration if your a digital artist designers and programmers. Innovative and interactive works provide a variety of very cool pieces of art from Golan Levin’s mechanical eye that mimics your gaze and follows you around to Daniel Rozin’s Weave Mirror that interacts with your physical presence. The exhibition is a great insight into technological advancements and an out of the box approach to merging art, interaction design and just what can be possible with a creative touch! The exhibition is on from the 8th December 2009 to 11th April 2010!


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