Recommended Read – Jacque Fresco Interview


“James Harvey Robinson believed that the proper study of man was man. There is no evidence to support this statement. A plant cannot grow of it own accord. It requires an environment of soil, nutrients, sunlight, etc. Any plant put in the polar regions will not grow no matter how well endowed it is genetically. Human beings are subject to the same physical laws that govern the entire evolutionary process. Human behaviour and values are not self-generating; they are by products of culture.” – Jacque Fresco

That’s an extract from a must read article from Wonderlance’s recent digital magazine covering an interview with Jacque Fresco, the inventor, architect, humanist and social engineer. The interview talks about the amazing possibilities and realities of a Resource based economy, the Venus Project, compared to the monetary system we live in today, the implications and the social advantages of such as system.

With the current economic crisis and world wide debts, the Venus Project sure sounds like a great idea! Question is, will we ever get there?

Check it out the interview here:


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