That Bastard Rhinitis


Image from Wikipedia

Don’t they look like a friendly bunch?

These pollen are invisible weird looking things but astonishing. There bombarding my system, invisibly, draining my energies, like mini predators.

What is up with the pollen today? Am suffering from chronic hay fever today! That’s after the drugs, and they still don’t work, though on the milder days they work quite well…but was like an army of those bastards were attacking my entire body. Anyone else is feeling the same today?

The wiki of Hay fever, or Allergic Rhinitis is:

“Allergic rhinitis or hay fever is an allergic inflammation of the nasal airways.”

Now, for people who don’t suffer from this, believe me it’s not as simple as it looks in the quote above. It’s torture, however I guess it effects everybody in different ways.

Very bad day’s like today can really mess up your day, the drugs don’t work and it’s really draining on the system, creatively the worst days. Apparently there’s an estimated 4 million people that suffer from it now in the UK, I’d expect it’s higher though.

Seriously what is up with the pollen today, I can’t even think to write mo


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