Digicova – The new authority in digital art!


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What joy!! It’s finally landed! I was asked to design the logo and website for a new site that will be showcasing and celebrating the best in Digital Art, Comics, Games and Anime.

Digicova (word derived from an amalgamation of the subjects it will cover) hosts all the recent and up to date information, news and gossip dedicated to bringing the best of these four subjects to a sexy screen near you. With the rise of digital comics and digital content it is evident that digital art, comics, video games and anime are all becoming more and more interconnected, and lets not forget the media attention superhero flicks are getting at the moment!

Once I heard the idea, I was amped to create a design that would work well with the bombardment of colours that would be expected from any images within 4 different topics and its articles. Seeing the site finally in action is always a wonderful feeling and believe it’s created a nice harmony of the pages. Overall Digicova is a wonderful, informative, fun and visually appealing site. Would love to hear anyone’s feedback on the site and thoughts so far.

Check out DIGICOVA today, share your thoughts and let others interested in this know that score! It’s the new authority baby!

You can also support Digicova through Facebook and follow the green eye on twitter.


New New


While I’ve been hard at work on projects I’ve had little chance to update my website and have kept the evening busy working on getting this sorted. Finally, had the opportunity to upload some new content for my portfolio and stuff I’m working on at the minute. View it at http://www.veeladwa.com or just click on the image below and take a wonder.

Much of this is very recent so it will be nice to see the evolution of these projects in the future.

The image below was a concept for a children’s book cover and something I thought I’d share and added this to the ‘Other’ section on my site instead of it collecting electric dust on my archives.

Superman – Space Jam


Thought I’d upload a coloured version of the Superman sketch I drew some weeks back. Turned out slightly darker in tone than what I thought but think it works ok. This costume doesn’t have no pants over the tights and no belt…never understood why he would need a belt or pants…and who started that trend anyway!

Hope you like! If you like then please check out more random doodles on my Deviantart profile or post a comment here and let me know what you all think…better in black and white or colour? Comments appreciated.

Superman Sketch


Here’s a little sketch of Superman cruising through space I done while basking in the good sunshine (for once) that we had in London a weekend or two ago. Felt like the summer was finally here…then two days later the weather drops by almost 10 degrees! However, I’m optimistic things will get a lot better.

V2 is finally here!


After weeks and months on the grind, I’ve finally had the opportunity to update and completly re-do my website. I was hoping to get this done earlier last year but didn’t want to give this to somebody else to do and waited till I had the time to implement it on my own, especially when I have the capability of doing this to my own spec. I ended up designing my own font, re drawing the logo and went through many mock ups to get to where it’s at today and am definetly happy with the overall look and feel. I’m still planning on putting more functionality on there so watch out for more coming soon. Hopefully it won’t take as long this time 🙂

Check it all out with new updates and more samples of my work at http://www.veeladwa.com

Hangover Sketch


Doodling is my hangup cure! Here’s one I scribbled at my cousin’s house just after New Year’s Eve featuring a mix of characters. I faintly remember starting off with batman first then the joker was formed accidently, wasn’t too happy about his jaw, spidey just creeps into focus so I was happy with that. Wasn’t too happy with Venom…but ahhhhh was hungover! Will upload a cleaner image of it on my deviantart page when I get it.

Propaganda V2


Slightly delayed but here it is! The images from the CD and inlay artwork I did for Marco V’s, Propaganda V2 album, which was released in November. Darker and more detailed then the 1st comic I produced for Propaganda Part One. I was really happy with the overall feel of this one, would love to do more stories! For your copy of one of the most talked about DJs and producers in trance head over to http://www.beyourselfshop.com and place an order, you may even win a signed canvas from the man himself!