Robototic Futures


So I’ve been wanting to get this post out for a few weeks now and has been on my mind for a while, though there’s not much point to it except to wonder at the crazy technology of robots and machines that are coming out around us.

In the fictional world of The Matrix, the machines rise to self awareness is mentioned in the Animated short film in the Animatrix, The Second Renaissance. In the story a machine called B1-66ER is to be deactivated by it’s owners but of course a robot with artificial intellegence is not going to shut down easily and in a brutal act of self defense B1-66ER kills it’s masters, his two dogs and another dude called Martin Koots. This future tales of robots killing and trying to take over the world has been good fuel for many science fiction, comics, films, cartoons and stories across the world and with the fast paced world of technology we now live in and with things like nano-technology and the advancements in robotics and AI, it’s easy to see how creative imaginations always make the robots the antagonists.

We are circled by CCTV camera’s everywhere that all use complex systems to track, analyses and recognise different types of objects, people and more recently faces. I found Filmamaker Timo Arnall’s work really interesting into litrally giving an insight into how robots and machines ‘see’. His video below explores how the robots perceive and make sense of  the world. The Wired magazine online has a host of great articles about future bots, check it out at

Wanted to leave you with what really does look like a half-ready B1-66ER. This one eye’d fellow is bought to ‘life’ at the University of Sussex, UK and according to Professor Owen Holland it brings us closer to ‘true’  artificial intelligence. The anthropomimetic robot,  has joints, bones, muscles and tendons…Johnny 5 eat your tin out!

You can catch the full documentary on BBC’s iPlayer website (UK only) or check youtube which also has the full show, search for Horizon: The Hunt for AI.


Why work doesn’t work!


Here’s an interesting video from a TEDtalk session with the co-founder and president of 37signals, Jason Fried. 37signals are producers of web based collaboration tools. They are responsible for the development and open sourced programming framework Ruby on Rails and many others.

Creative people within the industry will definitely understand this and it would be interesting to know how other workers within other sectors of business feel about this. With the rise of the Internet, social media, iphone, BB distractions as well as the rise of online designers and multimedia developers this really hits home.

DNA Visualised!


Stumbled across this today, thought I’d share the love. It’s an intriguing and amazing video showing the wonders of DNA and how it works and is definitely worth a watch, especially when you think that this is happening in all of us right now! The animated short takes you through coiling, replication, transcription and translation. The video was created by Drew Berry of The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Just wish it was in HD!!

The Day We Stood Still


Patterns. Our lives are full of them, from patterns in our food to the music that we hear to the most intricate uses of it in nature and even further beyond are planet still in the configuration of our Solar System. Patterns are what hold us together, it’s the combination of something that can give us power or even make our food taste better and as with anything else bring us closer together. Is it by complete fluke that our Solar System has the correct distance needed for life to evolve on this planet? Where would designers be without patterns? And what intrigues life to change it’s patterns? If, as Stephen Hawking’s, and many of the world scientists believe that we are all here from a ‘Big Bang’ then we truly are all born from one. An ever changing pattern, though a very slow one but it’s enough evidence to suggest that everything has a connection and it’s the connections in life that give us the power to progress further. Will you stand for silence to mark your power for one minute on one day? If so, then brace yourself for ‘The Day WE Stood Still’, 11th June 2011 and help make HISTORY!! The good people are Wonderlance believe that WE can all make a difference if we believe and recognise this by taking a full one minute silence on the 11th July 2011.  Lets release our potential and stand as one, if only for one minute in our world of silly wars over land, money and fame. WE can all make a universal difference and stop to remember and feel the unity that bought us ALL here.Please visit here for more information and updates or join the Facebook group to keep informed on the tdWss.

To end with, I leave you with a video from Sebastian Seung on his recent TEDtalk covering a very interesting topic on Connectomes and the brain and again it’s interesting to see the patterns that are ‘branched’ in our own brains.


Stuck in a Holagram


“It isn’t that the world of appearances is wrong; it isn’t that there aren`t objects out there, at one level of reality. It’s that if you penetrate through and look at the universe with a holographic system, you arrive at a different view, a different reality. And that other reality can explain things that have hitherto remained inexplicable scientifically: paranormal phenomena synchronisers, the apparently meaningful coincidence of events” —– Karl Pribam, in an interview in Psychology Today.

Here’s a another fantastic article from the recent issue of Wonderlance’s monthly digital magazine (The MDM). The issue’s cover some great articles from the Arts to social sciences to film and book reviews.

This particular article looks into the Holographic Model as an explanation to the universe. This whole idea of string theory is so interesting, just the thought of 11 dimensions instead of the 3 were all familiar with is exciting in itself! Imagine designing in 11 dimensions!

Check it all out here!

Superman – Space Jam


Thought I’d upload a coloured version of the Superman sketch I drew some weeks back. Turned out slightly darker in tone than what I thought but think it works ok. This costume doesn’t have no pants over the tights and no belt…never understood why he would need a belt or pants…and who started that trend anyway!

Hope you like! If you like then please check out more random doodles on my Deviantart profile or post a comment here and let me know what you all think…better in black and white or colour? Comments appreciated.

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it!


Craig Venter and his team made an announcement this month on their successful attempt to create a first fully functioning, reproducing cell by the use of synthetic DNA. They did it and I’ve since heard all sorts of views on the ethical, social and religious arguments for and against this. Personally, and I’m not a scientist or biologist and not religious (just spiritual) but I think this is a fantastic find as I’m hopeful that this could lead to vaccinations and cures for a whole host of diseases and viruses in the future. Like little Terminators!

He’s managed to create synthetic life and has not actually created life from nothing so I do not see how this can be so ethically bad….yet. I think it is a breakthrough in science and biology but also another small step in understanding the complexities of our life and the universe.

Venter and his team of experts have already fully analyzed and published and Human Genome though I have heard stories that he actually wanted to actually create a patent for it, though failed, and rightly so.

Discussion on this subject is really needed and I hope this doesn’t lead goverments to create dumb ass biological weapons to inslave or control like when they figured out how things work at the sub atomic level which led to devastating consequences.

With Cern trying to find the Higgs Boson and advances like this will surely make us understand life in more detail and answer the universal question of why. A great time to live through these advances for sure.