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What joy!! It’s finally landed! I was asked to design the logo and website for a new site that will be showcasing and celebrating the best in Digital Art, Comics, Games and Anime.

Digicova (word derived from an amalgamation of the subjects it will cover) hosts all the recent and up to date information, news and gossip dedicated to bringing the best of these four subjects to a sexy screen near you. With the rise of digital comics and digital content it is evident that digital art, comics, video games and anime are all becoming more and more interconnected, and lets not forget the media attention superhero flicks are getting at the moment!

Once I heard the idea, I was amped to create a design that would work well with the bombardment of colours that would be expected from any images within 4 different topics and its articles. Seeing the site finally in action is always a wonderful feeling and believe it’s created a nice harmony of the pages. Overall Digicova is a wonderful, informative, fun and visually appealing site. Would love to hear anyone’s feedback on the site and thoughts so far.

Check out DIGICOVA today, share your thoughts and let others interested in this know that score! It’s the new authority baby!

You can also support Digicova through Facebook and follow the green eye on twitter.


Why work doesn’t work!


Here’s an interesting video from a TEDtalk session with the co-founder and president of 37signals, Jason Fried. 37signals are producers of web based collaboration tools. They are responsible for the development and open sourced programming framework Ruby on Rails and many others.

Creative people within the industry will definitely understand this and it would be interesting to know how other workers within other sectors of business feel about this. With the rise of the Internet, social media, iphone, BB distractions as well as the rise of online designers and multimedia developers this really hits home.

Super Cool Morning…brrr


Wow is it me or are these months just flying past faster than you can say Clark Kent? I can almost hear the fine tune of Christmas songs being whistled just across the horizon. The weather’s dropped and gales are blowing in London, and it’s not nice out at all, so waking up this morning to an update to the November issue of  Wonderlance’s online magazine, started my day off with a smile! I’ve contributed to a review on tv series Smallville which is in it’s last season and poor old Clark is still impotent at flying. You can catch the review here.  This months magazine focuses on a dual theme of Creation & destruction and features a host of great interviews and articles from around the globe. Recommended reads this month come from an interesting interview and insight with Denis Delestrac on The Weaponization of Space (a completly ridiculous and vain concept currently being deployed in the heavans) , Robots (Friends & Enemies) in the SCIENtech section,  some awe inspiring work from the amazingly talented paper sculptor (yes you heard), Jeff Nishinaka. There’s also some great neo soulful jamz from The Floacist so I hope you all check that out and show some support!

I leave you for now with one of Jeff Nishinaka’s an awe inspiring paper sculpture. Enjoy and marvel.



New New


While I’ve been hard at work on projects I’ve had little chance to update my website and have kept the evening busy working on getting this sorted. Finally, had the opportunity to upload some new content for my portfolio and stuff I’m working on at the minute. View it at http://www.veeladwa.com or just click on the image below and take a wonder.

Much of this is very recent so it will be nice to see the evolution of these projects in the future.

The image below was a concept for a children’s book cover and something I thought I’d share and added this to the ‘Other’ section on my site instead of it collecting electric dust on my archives.

The Day We Stood Still


Patterns. Our lives are full of them, from patterns in our food to the music that we hear to the most intricate uses of it in nature and even further beyond are planet still in the configuration of our Solar System. Patterns are what hold us together, it’s the combination of something that can give us power or even make our food taste better and as with anything else bring us closer together. Is it by complete fluke that our Solar System has the correct distance needed for life to evolve on this planet? Where would designers be without patterns? And what intrigues life to change it’s patterns? If, as Stephen Hawking’s, and many of the world scientists believe that we are all here from a ‘Big Bang’ then we truly are all born from one. An ever changing pattern, though a very slow one but it’s enough evidence to suggest that everything has a connection and it’s the connections in life that give us the power to progress further. Will you stand for silence to mark your power for one minute on one day? If so, then brace yourself for ‘The Day WE Stood Still’, 11th June 2011 and help make HISTORY!! The good people are Wonderlance believe that WE can all make a difference if we believe and recognise this by taking a full one minute silence on the 11th July 2011.  Lets release our potential and stand as one, if only for one minute in our world of silly wars over land, money and fame. WE can all make a universal difference and stop to remember and feel the unity that bought us ALL here.Please visit here for more information and updates or join the Facebook group to keep informed on the tdWss.

To end with, I leave you with a video from Sebastian Seung on his recent TEDtalk covering a very interesting topic on Connectomes and the brain and again it’s interesting to see the patterns that are ‘branched’ in our own brains.


Games, Cover Features & Superman


Whilst busy with projects there’s been quite a few things that have caught my senses this month. The opening to the Common Wealth Games is on in the background and I’m so very impressed on the ceremony. It’s a beautiful site to watch the fantastic array of colours, traditions, music and multicultural harmony between the 71 Common Wealth countries all having such a great time, minus all the recent bad press the media have been banging on about. The ‘UFO’ type projection balloon is an ingenious idea and the Henna paintings was a lovely touch. Hopefully this will squash the rumours and will create a memorable CWG 2010. The vibe seems very exciting and vibrant and must be a treat for the participants involved. With the recent modernisation of India, I’m glad the traditional and indeginious communities we’re expressed well. The variety of costumes and designs and colours are a real inspiration. The yoga celebration was an amazingly soothing display, enough to make anyone take up yoga I think!

In some other good news, I’m pleased to have a cover feature on Wonderlance’s MDM magazine for the October issue which can be viewed here:


Wonderlance’s unique and exclusive Monthly Digital Magazine offers a great way of showcasing professional freelancers worldwide, providing a platform to innovate, inspire, share ideas and talent for any artist and non artist alike.

“The MDM is a place where great minds can inform and educate through exclusive interviews, under the premise that knowledge is what empowers the human being and knowledge should be offered to everybody, regardless of their personal background and circumstances in life.”

It’s a great place to catch interesting articles, exclusive interviews and much much more on all those relevant worldwide issues so give this is look in, the interviews are always great. Some favorites this month include an interesting article on Dreams, with an interview with Professor Dierdre L. Barrett. There’s also a good read on the importance of organic foods and some very inspirational 1950’s inspired illustration styles from Sydney based illustrator and designer, Supriya Ramlu of Sho’nuff Love Illustrations. Check it all out, not to be missed fo’ sho!

There’s alot more I wanted to add today but will have to leave it all for another post. So I’ll end with an sketch inspired by the news that Smallville returns for it’s last season on TV and we actually see the transformation of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) into Superman. I’ve not watched all the seasons since I thought the stories over the years became a little dull and too ‘teeny’ but I’ve heard that interesting story arcs from the DC Comics library have been played with along the way and has introduced many characters a kin to the man of steel. One particular annoucement I heard is that Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will be featured this season! I think the future has a lot in store for these two characters so should be a good episode. Here’s the sketch, well started off with some line art which I figured I colour quickly, just for funness so enjoy!

Sketch to Final from Marco V Comic


Vee Ladwa Marco V Artwork

Thought I’d upload some artwork from Marco V’s Comic from his Propaganda V2 album. Found some sketches and unfinished artwork too that I didn’t use for the two part comic which I am thinking off uploading at some point. Album is also available digitally through the itunes store so check that or pick up the album from HMV or similar. Remember those days of buying cd’s and albums and anxiously waiting to get home to crack it open, put the headphones on and read the inlays?? Ahh..those we’re the day! Sad really, as the vinyl’s, tapes and CD covers we’re a huge influence in pursing graphic design, art and DJing. And times move on. 🙂