Why work doesn’t work!


Here’s an interesting video from a TEDtalk session with the co-founder and president of 37signals, Jason Fried. 37signals are producers of web based collaboration tools. They are responsible for the development and open sourced programming framework Ruby on Rails and many others.

Creative people within the industry will definitely understand this and it would be interesting to know how other workers within other sectors of business feel about this. With the rise of the Internet, social media, iphone, BB distractions as well as the rise of online designers and multimedia developers this really hits home.


The Art of Choosing


A really cool speech about how we make choices from Sheena Iyengar on TedTalks. Reminded me of the Architect scene from the 2nd Matrix film. Interesting stuff!

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it!


Craig Venter and his team made an announcement this month on their successful attempt to create a first fully functioning, reproducing cell by the use of synthetic DNA. They did it and I’ve since heard all sorts of views on the ethical, social and religious arguments for and against this. Personally, and I’m not a scientist or biologist and not religious (just spiritual) but I think this is a fantastic find as I’m hopeful that this could lead to vaccinations and cures for a whole host of diseases and viruses in the future. Like little Terminators!

He’s managed to create synthetic life and has not actually created life from nothing so I do not see how this can be so ethically bad….yet. I think it is a breakthrough in science and biology but also another small step in understanding the complexities of our life and the universe.

Venter and his team of experts have already fully analyzed and published and Human Genome though I have heard stories that he actually wanted to actually create a patent for it, though failed, and rightly so.

Discussion on this subject is really needed and I hope this doesn’t lead goverments to create dumb ass biological weapons to inslave or control like when they figured out how things work at the sub atomic level which led to devastating consequences.

With Cern trying to find the Higgs Boson and advances like this will surely make us understand life in more detail and answer the universal question of why. A great time to live through these advances for sure.

No more boring data!


No more boring data!

If data was displayed like this back at school, geography would’ve been great! Hans Rosling provides a fantastic way of displaying a wide array of data about the world and it’s progresses through the years. An intuitive approach to looking at statistical data in a completly refreshing way. Mr E.Tufte would be over joyed.